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This work was higlighted in Synfacts

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Highlighted by Prof Andrei Yudin in his editor's choice article collection of important recent papers in the journal.

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This article was featured on the journal cover, with a design by Tom, Charlotte and Mike upon a background photo of the 'Alpspitze' in the Bavarian alps taken by Tom.

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This article was featured on the journal cover.

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This work was higlighted in Synform and highlighted in Some items of interest to Process R&D Chemists and Engineers in OPR&D.

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This article was featured in the inside back cover of Green Chemistry with a design by Alice and Fabiana incorporating a photo taken by Alice's dad.

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This article was highlighted in Synfacts and in an ACS Cutting Edge Chemistry article.

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This article was featured in the inside back cover of Green Chemistry with a design by Sally and Fabiana incorporating a photo taken by Tom of the Tvindefossen waterfall in Norway.

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This article was featured on the front cover of OBC with a design incorporating a photo taken by Tom of the ridge running between Herzogstand and Heimgarten on the edge of the Bavarian alps.

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This article regularly appears in the most read articles (past 12 months) in JOC.

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Postdoctoral Research (with Professor W. B. Motherwell)

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